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The Best Domain Name Generator for your Domain Search

Are you planning to start your own website? Do you have that big idea that is going to kick-off your blogging career? Then it’s time to find the perfect domain name!

The first step of creating a website is to purchase a domain name. Sounds easy enough, but with so many people having shared interests, the same names, and similar business ideas, it can be a struggle to come up with a unique domain name.

Luckily, I am about to tell you about a domain name generator that is going to make the process really easy for you. DomainTyper is a website through which you can check if a domain name is still available and if it’s not, it will help you find a new one or show you other options.

You first have to go to and type in the domain name that you came up with. If you are lucky, it will be available with a .com extension. In this case, the domain name generator will give you the purchasing options with a price comparison. The top 3 best prices. All you have to do is choose the best option, click, and it will take you to the purchasing site where you can buy your domain name and start your website building journey.

However, there is a chance that you are not quite so lucky. Your chosen domain name is taken for the .com extension. DomainTyper gives you a few options for this scenario:

  1. Choose a different extension. Your domain name might be taken for .com, but free for .org, .net, or any other extension. You can even come up with a wordplay by choosing an unusual extension and combining it with the domain name.
  2. Make an offer. If you are set on the name you have chosen, and you don’t want anything else than a .com extension, then you can make an offer to the current owner. It is not guaranteed that you will get it, but DomainTyper will help you start the process, and you might get lucky. Some people buy the domain name and then don’t do anything with it. You will be doing them a favor by purchasing it for a small price.
  3. Choose an alternative. DomainTyper will generate countless other domain name alternatives from the one you typed in. You are likely to find one that you like. You might even find a better one on that list!

When you found the perfect solution to your problem, you can go back to the price comparison step, choose the best price, purchase the domain name and you are all set.

I know, I made that look too easy. Believe me, without DomainTyper; domain name search can be a struggle. All the checking to see if the name is taken, only to spend another hour or so to compare the price on various websites. I’ve been through the process, and I don’t wish that for anyone. Try out this website. Finding and buying your domain name will be a walk in the park.


The Best Vacuum Cleaner App for your Robot Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum is a convenient device that actually vacuums a room for you. It’s circular, and works much like a robot does. It can be prescheduled to leave its home base and clean every room on a floor, or only one room. Once it’s done, it will go back to home base and charge itself up again.

The iRobot is the best robot vacuum cleaner that other robotic vacuum cleaners like to imitate, but iRobot continues to come out with some great innovations. One of these is the iRobot HOME app that can be downloaded to your smart phone or device from the Google Play Apps Store. You can then utilize a variety of features to control your iRobot Roomba 980, even when you’re away from home.

Weekly scheduleTo get started, you must plug your smart device into a computer, and then visit the Google Play App Store. Navigate to the iRobot HOME app. It will automatically find your device, and then you can automatically install the app.

This app is called the “980 Connect to Clean from Anywhere” but you can simply find it by typing in iRobot HOME. You can do a variety of activities while using your smart phone or tablet.

You can simply choose to click on the CLEAN button. This is handy if you’ve invited friends over to your home at the last minute. You can have clean tidy floors without having to do it yourself. This app will connect to your iRobot at home, which will connect wirelessly with your router. It will receive the signal, and then commence cleaning.

You will also be able to set up a weekly schedule for your robot vacuum without having to mess around with its tiny buttons. You have the choice of Sunday to Saturday. You then choose the time, am or pm, and then click on the slider to turn it on. For example, you can have your iRobot clean your home at 9:00 am Monday, and then at 7:00 am on Thursday.

Cleaning prefThe app also gives you cleaning preferences. You can set up a carpet boost cleaning, or do two cleaning passes. You can let it know that once the debris bin is full, that it must finish cleaning. This not only keeps the energy costs down, but also protects your robot vacuum from damage. You can also select to do edge cleaning of a room, where it will focus its cleaning along walls and around the legs of furniture.

It will become much simpler to clean your home, all with the addition of a simple and free app. It will only take the push of a button. You can now clean from anywhere, at any time.

There are also some other great options too. You have the ability to start or pause cleaning cycles from anywhere. You can conveniently schedule cleaning on any day of the week, and customize cleaning preferences. You have the ability to monitor your Roomba 980 activity.

You can also give your Roomba a name, and access set-up instructions. You’ll also have access to free software updates, and customer care, should you have issues.

In order to utilize this app, you must have purchased the iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum cleaner which is one of the best vacuum cleaner. You also need to download your iRobot HOME App to your smart device, or tablet. Recommended models should be within three years old. You should also have a home WiFi connection, with 2.4 GHz band support. No question this is the best vacuum cleaner app available today.

You’ll be amazed at the additional functionality of your Roomba 980, particularly after you download the useful iRobot HOME App.


Philips Norelco Shaver App Helps You to Groom Better

It seems like there are apps to do everything from finding a store to buy a men’s shaver to how to shave more effectively. The Philips Norelco Male Grooming App will help you with your male grooming needs.

The grooming app promises to provide men with tips on grooming advice, beard styling, and how-to tips. These tips are focussed on facial hair, so men who aren’t certain whether they should trim or shave it all off, or who are looking for a more comfortable shave can go to the app for further help.

The app provides a variety of different tools to teach you how to look your best. There is an expert advice feature that will make recommendations just for your facial shape. These will be based on your own facial features, how long your hair takes to grow, and your lifestyle preferences. This combines to make choosing a new facial hair look for you much easier than before.

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There are also some great help videos that will teach you how to achieve certain beard styles. For men who prefer to be clean-shaven, there is even advice on how to achieve the smooth clean look. The app can also give you tailored recommendations if you have certain types of hair and skin, particularly on the regions of cheeks, jawline, and neck.

This app will work for any man who uses an electric men’s shaver, but it’s even better if they have one of the shavers in the Philips Norelco line. There is an interactive product guide within the app. You can use your shaver while the app guides you on its best usage. The Philips Series 9000 range has been marketed as the “world’s first ever shaver with a digital guide”. The electric shaver reviews site helps you to find the best electric shaver for your face.

The app has been created by Mindlight for the Philips Norelco Consumer Lifestyle portion of the company. This app works on both iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices. To achieve the full functionality of the app, the user first uploads photographs of their face. This can enable the app to render beards and hair growth onto a man’s face so he can see how he looks in each style.

There are twenty different styles that can be rendered onto a man’s facial photograph, so they can see how they’ll look.

Prevent skin irritation

Besides the ability to see each look, the app will also provide tailored advice, and narrow down the choices from 20 to one or two, as many men may have no idea which would look the best on their face.

There is also an extensive style gallery where you can view images of men sporting the latest facial hair styles, and see which ones may inspire you to try a change.

This mobile app is completely free, not requiring a separate Philips Norelco shaver purchase, and should soon be available to all iOS and Android devices around the world. You can visit the Philips website for more information about this app.


Get in Shape with the Best iPhone Fitness & Nutrition Apps

It’s the beginning of the year and time to get off the couch and outdoors. There are many helpful apps to help people to get in shape, and help track their fitness routines and eat healthy meals. Best of all, many of these apps are free, or for minimal investment. These apps will not only help you to work out, but they’ll help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a list of some of the best iPhone fitness and nutrition apps on the market today.
loseit1. Lose It. This app is free and will track your workout and your meals together. While it may take time to enter every item in your meals, once it’s in there it will give you an accurate caloric and nutrition count. You’ll then enter in your daily activities, including workout and jogging sessions, and the app will calculate and let you know how many calories you can eat for the rest of the day. There’s also a graph to track your weight loss.

images-mf-209844-159452. GoodFoodNearYou. This is another free app and it will help you to find a place to eat that provides healthy and nutritious meals. It will include fast food, restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores nearby. The app will present a list of healthy menu choices with nutritional information.

NutritionTips3. NutritionTips. This is also free and it will give you tips about the food you eat. It’ll recommend when food has lost its nutritional value and where the leanest meat cuts are. You can shake or swipe for a new tip.

RunKeeper Pro4. RunKeeper Pro. This app is costly but is also great for owners of older models of iPhone. It actually utilizes GPS technology to help track your route, and speed of walking, running, cycling, hiking, and skiing. It will even show elevation. There is also a free version with fewer options.

C25K5. C25K. This app has a minimal cost and its name stands for Couch to 5 kilometers. It will start you out slow and guide you through a walk and run each day until you can do a 5 kilometer run all at once. C25K.

iTreadmill6. ITreadmill. This has a minimal cost and is designed for those who don’t have time to visit the gym. It will track your daily movements much like a pedometer. This app will not only work in a holster but also in a pocket or purse as well, unlike other apps. You can also set a pacer to keep up a regular speed.

GymGoal ABC7. GymGoal ABC. This app offers free and paid versions. It will guide you through weight lifting exercises through animations and instructions. You can also add your own images. There’s no option to log in your own workouts with this app.

FitnessBuilder8. FitnessBuilder. This is an expensive app but it includes over 200 different workouts. There are plenty of images and videos to get you started, and also an option to track your own results.